Training Overview

Advanced Control System

  • Flow Control System Trainer

  • Level Control System Trainer

  • Pressure Control System Trainer

  • Cascade Control System Trainer


Range of Experiments

  • Study of single loop proportional, integral and derivative control

  • Study of operation and calibration of sensors/transmitter

  • Study of stability of single-loop control

  • Configure microcontroller-based PID to give manual output, change controller mode as manual or auto, give on-off, proportional, integral, derivative PI and PID control, change the local setpoint, configure and run a setpoint ramp, configure measured values to either percentage or temperature

  • Demonstrate the use of RTD (or a transmitter) for the measurement of the temperature of the water

  • Demonstrate the proportional control of temperature, with offset, overshoot, instability optimum value of proportional band or gain

  • Optimize the parameters for PID control of temperature

  • Demonstrate the use of automatic tuning

  • Study of operation and calibration of transmitters, I/P converters and control valves

  • Demonstrate complete valve strip and reassemble, calibration and hydro tested



  • System frame with caster wheel arrangement for ease in movement

  • All components identical to those used in the industry

  • Training manuals & mimic charts for operation ease

  • User-friendly, self-explanatory system

  • Detailed operation & instruction manuals


Training Pictures